On the eve of the War Warsaw laughs at Hitler.
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On the eve of the War Warsaw laughs at Hitler.

Only three months prior to the attack of the German army against Poland, a famous group Ali Baba reduced Varsovians to tears of laughter. In particular, it was the song entitled That Moustache that stole the audience’s hearts.  No one could have known back then that the joke was soon to become a harsh reality.

Towards the end of May 1939 Varsovians had an opportunity to see a variety show by Ali Baba – a satire on current political affairs entitled Heads or Tails.  The song That Moustache featured in the show and soon became a hit. The song was a version of a well known and loved Titine with Polish lyrics written by master of the genre – Marian Hemar.

Varsovians howled with laughter at the sight of the contemporary star, Ludwik Sempolinski, portraying Fuhrer as a pitiful vagabond from one of the Chaplin’s films as he was singing “That moustache, oh that moustache” to the melody of “Titine, oh my Titine!”. The Ali Baba performance was awarded with thunderous applause. The laughs it triggered were never-ending.

The variety show Heads or Tails was staged until late August 1939.  In fact, in the last week of that August it was still being advertised. Its next showing at Ali Baba was planned for September 1st 1939.

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